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Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is a simple, fair, and easy way to provide New Yorkers with more choices and empower more voices in our elections.


What is Ranked Choice Voting?


  • RCV allows voters to rank multiple candidates--instead of voting for just one under our current plurality system.  
  • RCV ensures the winning candidate has majority support and that similar candidates can't split the vote or "spoil" the election.

Instead of voting for just one candidate, RCV allows you to rank any or even all the candidates on your ballot — ensuring every vote matters.

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Do you share our passion for RCV? Do you have a couple hours here and there to help? We have a variety of opportunities to contribute.


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Our volunteers are located all over NY. We like to meet up, share ideas, and talk RCV.  Our next meeting is Sunday, March 21. More details to come soon!


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Want to learn about RCV with your organization, friends, or colleagues?  Our trained speakers can come to you provide some insight on RCV.


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We’re extremely grateful for any and all donations we receive. Your generosity helps us spread RCV awareness, maintain our website, and host events.