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Help support the movement to bring Ranked Choice Voting to New York. Everyone's got a place here!

What does each team do? (Click on each team for the details.)

The Arts & Social Media team encompasses graphic design, short form video content, social media management, and online presence and branding. The team also works to create visually appealing collateral items like flyers, t-shirts, bumper stickers, and buttons. Creativity is heavily encouraged!

This team focuses on Ranked Choice NY’s technology infrastructure including but not limited to website maintenance through NationBuilder, database management, and email campaigns.

Volunteers on the ground! This is our canvassing/field team when Covid-19 allows... People on this team will coordinate events and canvass opportunities. For now, the focus is on phonebanking, textbanking, and reaching out to local organizations to book speaking events.

As the name implies, Volunteer Onboarding orientates newcomers and prepares them for action. This team guides new volunteers through the Ranked Choice NY strategy, our team structures, and what types of assignments they might expect.

This is not a cold calling donation team! Our Fundraising team strategizes best practices to maximize recurring revenue and minimize expenses. This includes opportunity research, brainstorming, and plan execution.

Ranked Choice NY speakers connect with local organizations, colleges, and community leaders to provide zero-cost Ranked Choice Voting education. Our speakers look to educate, engage, motivate, and gain the endorsement of the groups for which we present.

Our Messaging team ensures a consistent voice across all channels. From newspaper interviews to podcasts, from social media to speaking engagements, our words matter. If you have experience in communications or public relations, you’d be a great fit!

The Policy & Research team digs into state law and relevant policy matters to provide accurate, up-to-date information to our supporters. They build our FAQ, double check our claims, and audit our public-facing communications.

Pick this option if you are not quite sure where you want to focus your energy. Don't worry, we'll find you the perfect spot on our team somewhere!

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